Why K-Beauty?

What is K-beauty?

K-beauty is the name given to the beauty industry in Korea - rather like K-pop refers to Korean popular music, and K-drama refers to Korean TV dramas.

The K-beauty industry targets everybody, both male and female, and it's not just about make-up. A huge focus goes on skincare.

Moisturising and looking after your skin, before even thinking about putting products on it, is hugely important.

"It's sort of ingrained in Korean culture from a very young age to look after your skin," explains fashion magazine Marie Claire's beauty editor Katie Thomas.

Why is K beauty so popular?

Magazine editor Katie told the BBC that one of the reasons that the world has become so fascinated with K-beauty is because it is so forward-thinking.

Before K-beauty products go on sale, a lot of research is done into what they should be like. This is because there are so many companies all competing to have the best items on shop shelves.

Many products also use unusual ingredients not used by other manufacturers.

According to Katie, the Korean beauty industry is always "10 to 12 years ahead of the rest of the world".