About Us


"Build your proper skin care routine with the right products. Great products + Good skincare habits for HEALTHY & GLOWING SKIN"
Our purpose at Miyool is to create an inviting, convenient, reliable and affordable K-Beauty shopping experience.  
Julie, the founder of Miyool has an extensive background in the beauty institution.  With almost a decade of knowledge, training, experience and expertise in the professional beauty industry she has finally decided to venture out on her own to pursue her true passion - Korean Beauty (aka K-Beauty).  A true believer in the benefits and effectiveness of K-Beauty, she has set out to become an advocate, educator, as well as a provider to all of us here in the United States. 
As a woman, wife, and mother she found that many women (including herself) didn't practice, discontinued practicing, or incorrectly practiced skin care. Whether it was a matter of misinformation, lack of access, lack of time/money/motivation - she noticed that most of the women in her life considered SELF-CARE/SKIN-CARE time consuming and an expensive luxury. Miyool was created with the goal to debunk that notion by supporting and educating people so that they can achieve healthy, glowing, and radiant skin through exclusive, trending and healthy K-beauty products that are effective, easy, safe, and won't break the bank. 


✅ Brands : We have acquired and established an exclusive relationship with Korean brands that produce remarkable products yet have not had the opportunity to launch in the U.S.A. We are the only official seller in the U.S. with the brands we carry. 

✅ Promise:  Our team of beauty experts and esthetician rigorously review and study all products to bring our consumers the most unique + effective + healthy K-Beauty skincare products.

✅ Mission: We want to ensure our consumers experience a trustworthy and reliable form of SELF CARE through our SKIN CARE products.  We are committed to introduce and provide the most unique, outstanding quality, and safe Korean Beauty Products in the U.S.   


Inspired by Korean words, “MI” means BEAUTIFUL and "YOOL" means CLEAN in Korean. We want to help people experience beautiful and clean skin by using the right products with good skincare routines.